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JULY 2016

Ham and Egg White Cups



What you need:

  • Deli Meat of some sort (I recommend Boars Head Ham)- 12-15 oz
  • Kraft Fat Free Cheese- 1 bag
  • Egg Whites- 2 dozen and tell the yolks I’m sorry but they don’t fit your macros
  • Green Onion/Salt/Pepper/Spices of your choosing
  • Spinach (optional but a great way to eat veggies without noticing)
  • A muffin tin
  • Muffin Liners


  • Preheat oven to 350*
  • Put a muffin liner in each little muffin hole
  • Place a slice of ham in each cup of the muffin tin
  • Mix all of the remaining ingredients in a bowl and pour an equal amount into each of the 12 cups
  • Put tray into the oven and bake for 15-20 minutes.*Keep an eye on this, over cooked eggs can be totally gross and the eggs will sink after cooling.


Macros per cup (assuming 1 oz of ham, 2 egg whites. 1/12 of the cheese bag)

Fat- .8g
Carbs- 4.3g
Protein- 33g



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